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2022 State of Origin 3 player ratings: NSW Blues

Once again we learned that you should never write off a Queensland side and the Blues will be wondering how they let another series slip. Here is how I rated the players in the decider.

1. James Tedesco
In a beaten side, the NSW Captain was the second best player on the field after Kalyn Ponga. Almost 30 runs for almost 300 metres. Six tackle breaks. He can hold his head very high. 9/10

2. Brian To’o
The lad from the Riff gave it his usual best effort. However, apart from one great run in the 64th minute, his 20 runs were kept to just 136 metres, and he missed four of his six tackles. 6/10

3. Matt Burton
He put up one really good bomb but missed a few tackles. He copped a belting from Dane Gagai and got ten on the pine for good measure. Only 23 metres from his three runs. 5.5/10

4. Stephen Crichton
His best effort for the series that really highlights just what an ordinary series he had. His three missed tackles were costly with his miss on Valentine Holmes leading to the Queensland try in the 14th minute. His brain explosion in the 60th minute gave the Maroons yet another set of six. 4.5/10

5. Daniel Tupou
His 145 metres from 17 runs were offset by his three missed tackles and two errors, with his crucial bomb drop in the 39th minute leading to the Capewell try on halftime. He also took out team mate Lindsay Collins with friendly fire. 5/10

6. Jarome Luai
Standing over the prone Selwyn Cobbo giving him an earful was a bad look. His try in the 18th minute was a good look. He laid on a great kick for a repeat set in the 29th minute, but he also passed into touch in the 55th minute and missed six tackles, including his miss on Ponga in the 61st minute. 6/10

Matt Burton sin bin

(Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

7. Nathan Cleary
Tried his absolute guts out but just couldn’t control the game like he did so well in game two. He laid on a good kick for the Luai try and did plenty of dirty work with 15 runsbut he also missed four tackles. 7/10

8. Junior Paulo
Started very strongly but faded as the game went on. His 13 runs for 121 metres were good but his drop in the 51st minute was crucial at a time when the Blues really needed the ball. 6.5/10

9. Api Koroisau
The Blues hooker had a really good game until he was replaced in the 53rd minute. His service from dummy half was good and his defence was brave and effective. However, he conceded a couple of penalties. 7/10

10. Jake Trbojevic
The big unit from the Nothern Beaches wasn’t able to emulate his dominant performance from game two. He made 13 runs for 80 metres but made all but one of his 45 tackles. 6.5/10

Fight in State of Origin 3

(Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

11. Cameron Murray
Ruled out after a head clash with Corey Oates in the first minute. N/A

12. Liam Martin
Martin really had a dip and was not disgraced. While he was stripped in 45th minute and missed four tackles, he fought out the match till the end. 6/10

13. Isaah Yeo
Yeo lost no friends in this match or in the series. However, while he toiled as hard as ever, he wasn’t able to make the crucial difference he yearned for. He made 13 dirty runs and laid 46 tackles. 6.5/10

14. Damien Cook
The Rabbitoh rake didn’t come on until the 53rd minute and was all about defence, not missing one of his 27 tackles. He was unable to impose himself on the game as NSW so badly needed him to. 4.5/10

15. Angus Crichton
Came on in the 2nd minute when Cam Murray was subbed out. He had a real dip, breaking five tackles, running ten times for 90 metres. He also laid on a great pass for the Tedesco break in the 21st minute. Copped a knock in the 42nd minute but battled on. 6.5/10

16. Jacob Saifiti
Came on and immediately made an impact with Huge runs that resulted in five tackle breaks and a try. He made 140 metres and laid 26 tackles in a great Origin debut. 7.5/10

17. Siosifa Talakai
Talakai came on just after half time and immediately had an impact in defence, forcing an error from Valentine Holmes in the 48th minute and putting in some great defensive efforts. However, consecutive errors in the 66th and 68th minutes really put a dampener on his game. 5/10

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