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Chevy Giving Some Bolt Buyers Up to $6,000 Back

A Chevy Bolt EV drives away from a city on an overpass. The car is a very light blue. We see the car in focus and highway guadrails blurred to show motion.“Don’t worry! If you find it at a lower price, we’ll match it!”

It’s not the sort of offer you expect to see on the second most expensive item most Americans buy. But it’s what Chevrolet has done for some buyers of its Chevy Bolt EV and larger Bolt EUV.

The retroactive discount applies to buyers who bought one of the Bolts new in 2022. Chevrolet recently announced jaw-dropping discounts, averaging about $6,000, on its two smallest electric vehicles (EVs). Buyers who were too late to get the lower prices may be eligible for a reimbursement that brings their total in line with the new pricing.

About the Two Bolts

The Bolt EV is GM’s smallest EV. Its new $25,600 sticker price makes it technically the least expensive electric car in America. The 2022 Nissan Leaf starts at $27,400. The Leaf, however, qualifies for that federal tax rebate, bringing its effective price lower than either Chevy.

Reviewers like the Bolt for its livable hatchback design and respectable 259-mile range.

The Bolt EUV is a slightly longer version, with most of the added room given to rear-seat passengers but some saved for cargo space. Its new starting price of $27,200 is close enough to its sibling to make it a solid choice for many of the same shoppers. Chevrolet also charges a $995 destination fee on both Bolts.

A Chevy Bolt EUV sits, plugged into a wall charger. The car is black and the lighting is dark. We see its right side in profile.

But the Bolts have suffered some damage to their reputation over the past years. Chevy issued an escalating series of recalls to correct a problem that led to battery fires in some Bolts. At one point, Chevy was cautioning Bolt owners to park outdoors away from other cars for safety reasons. The company says it has solved the problem that led to the fires, and we’re aware of no incidents since Chevy updated their battery design.

The Bolt brothers use a different battery than any other GM EV. Newer models like the Cadillac Lyriq, GMC Hummer, and upcoming Chevy Blazer EV use entirely different battery chemistry than the Bolts do.

If You Bought This Year, You’re Eligible

Chevrolet told dealers in a recent memo that “all U.S. customers who bought a Bolt EV or EUV in 2022 are eligible for reimbursements.” A Chevy spokesperson confirmed the offer to Automotive News. The offer is good for any 2020, 2021, or 2022 Bolt owner, so long as they bought their vehicle from a Chevy dealer during 2022.

“We will be reaching out to them in the coming weeks to inform them of a goodwill program that will provide reimbursements to make up the price difference,” Chevy told AN.

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