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Commanding more of Carson Wentz

Considering this is the last of my season previews, I just want to quickly thank everyone who has followed the series!

NFL content will be continuing throughout the season, so stay tuned. Alright, into the Commanders

An off-season that included a name change and a quarterback change but unfortunately for Washington fans, I have a feeling this will be the same old team.


Washington was unbelievably uninspiring last season and statistically it is hard to find a strength. But you only have to look at their defensive front and talent wise, it is top five in the NFL. Jonathon Allen and Daron Payne are the best defensive tackle duo in the NFL and Chase Young and Montez Sweat are an exciting pass rush duo.

Their production didn’t match their talent last season, but I have faith it will this season.


The pass defence for the now Commanders last season was nothing short of horrific. They ranked 29th for yards conceded, dead last for touchdown passes conceded and 28th for net passing yards allowed per attempt. The most confusing aspect of this for me is that they are rolling with exactly the same secondary coming into this season!

Player to watch

Chase Young was dynamic in his rookie season, winning 2020 defensive rookie of the year after recording 7.5 sacks and four forced fumbles. Unfortunately, he tore his ACL last season and missed the second half of the year, but only recorded 1.5 sacks in his eight full games.

If Young can return with no hinderance from his surgery, he is a seriously exciting young player.

Who’s under pressure?

One of the few times I don’t chose a player for this segment, but Ron Rivera must be under pressure. As a Panthers fan, this hurts because I have nothing but love for Ron considering what he did as well as his personal story beating cancer.

But the reality of the football side is that he is a defensive-orientated coach with one of the worst defences in the NFL statistically. If he can’t turn that unit around and they finish with a losing record, I can’t see Rivera in Washington this time next season.


I was so high on Washington last season after making the playoffs in 2020 and improving their roster going into 2021. But they regressed badly, and the desperation is evident with the acquisition of Carson Wentz.

I have no reason to trust Wentz will be the thing that turns this franchise around and with similar personnel, I can’t see this defence doing a 180!

Win/loss: 6-11.

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