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CONFIRMED: Aussie hero goalkeeper played some serious mind games against Peru

We all know the story of Andrew Redmayne saving a couple of clutch penalties after coming on as a late substitute for the Socceroos against Peru after an inspired managerial decision by Graham Arnold.

What wasn’t immediately apparent on the coverage was the mind games played by Redmayne.

Fan Sam Gowland who was at the game said Redmayne noticed the Peru goalkeeper Pedro Gallese had ‘cheat notes’ that were wrapped inside a towel alongside his water bottle. He would refer to the notes after each penalty.

“I was at the match yesterday and I think it has been overlooked that the Peru keeper had instructions written on his water bottle for penalties,” he said.

“At the first chance Redmayne threw it into the stand behind the goal.”

With Peru leading 2-1 in the penalty shootout, Gowland said that Redmayne took the notes and discarded them.

His claims have now been backed up by multiple camera angles with vision showing Redmayne walking behind the goals where he first throws Gallese’s drink bottle and then picks up his notes and throws those as well.

According to the Socceroos fan, the Peru goalkeeper was searching for his water bottle aka ‘notes’ after the moment.

As many have pointed out, it probably didn’t make much difference to the result and if you’re relying on cheat sheets to win a World Cup qualifying penalty shootout you are in trouble.

However, it’s also something that can easily get into the opposition’s head as shown by this Twitter thread that indicates just how many mind games Redmayne played during that penalty shootout.

No doubt this story will continue to grow legs and it will add to the legend of Andrew Redmayne.

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