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Do You Need an MMJ Card to Buy CBD Oil Online?

The topic of MMJ cards, or medical marijuana cards, causes a great deal of confusion, leaving people unsure whether or not they need one.

The source of the problem is that the laws and regulations governing MMJ cards are set on a state level. In contrast, the laws governing the sale and use of CBD are set on a federal level. The result is that people often get confused between the two systems and what they actually need an MMJ card for.

An increasing number of people are looking to buy CBD oil and other CBD products online as health supplements. This has resulted in even more misinformation and confusion surrounding MMJ cards and who actually needs them.

The process required to obtain an MMJ card can be both costly and time-consuming. Therefore, it is essential to know whether you need one before going through the process.

So, what exactly is an MMJ card, and when do you need one?

What Is an MMJ card?

An MMJ card is not a new concept within the United States and actually used to be the primary way people could access medical marijuana.

Over the last decade, several legal changes have meant that an MMJ card is not the only way to access medical marijuana. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the use of CBD products on a federal level.

CBD products and medical marijuana products are not the same things and the Farm Bill did not legalize the latter. What the Farm Bill did do, though, is make CBD supplements accessible on a federal level. For many people, the ability to access CBD and hemp oil is sufficient and negates the need for an MMJ card.

There are, of course, still thousands of people who require medical marijuana to manage long-term health conditions. For such people, CBD oils and other supplemental products are not enough; instead, the potent cannabinoids within medical marijuana are required.

However, several states have also loosened the laws governing recreational and medical marijuana, meaning that it can be obtained without a medical card in these states.

The various legal changes that have recently taken place and the fact that marijuana is now legal in certain states have only added to the confusion about MMJ cards.

Do You Need an MMJ Card to Buy CBD Oil?

Both CBD oil and hemp oil are legal on a federal level to manufacture, sell, and use as long as they conform to the regulations set out in the 2018 Farm Bill. For consumers, this means that an MMJ card is not required to buy and use CBD-based products online.

CBD and hemp products must meet specific standards. The most important is that they cannot contain any more than 0.3% THC and create a distinction between CBD supplements and marijuana products.

While marijuana and CBD products are derived from the same plant family, they are actually very different in their content.

CBD products are derived from strains of hemp plants that have a high ratio of CBD to other cannabinoids. The hemp plants chosen have often been cultivated to contain very little in the way of psychoactive compounds.

In contrast, the plant strains that are used during the manufacturing of marijuana products have a much higher ratio of THC compounds. The extraction and filtration methods that are used are also different, resulting in a THC-rich final product.

So, if an MMJ card is not required to buy CBD oil products, when exactly is it useful, and why would anyone go to the effort of obtaining one?

When Do You Need an MMJ Card?

An MMJ card is still useful for people who rely on medical marijuana to treat chronic health conditions. Even in states where recreational marijuana is legal, a card can still offer many benefits.

For residents in states where recreational marijuana is not legal, having an MMJ card is the only way to purchase and use marijuana legally. It allows the holder to purchase medical marijuana directly from a state-regulated medical dispensary.

In states where marijuana is legal, there are often still regulations regarding the products that can be sold and the quantity in which you can purchase them. Medical dispensaries are often governed by slightly different regulations, so those with a card can buy more potent marijuana and in much larger quantities.

Another benefit of medical dispensaries over regular stores is that they tend to sell products at a much more affordable price. For people who rely on medical marijuana every day, having an mmj card and shopping at medical dispensaries is usually the most efficient option.


In order to purchase and use CBD products, there is absolutely no need to go through the lengthy process of obtaining an MMJ card. The Farm Bill made it so that CBD products meeting regulations are legal for everyone to use on a federal level.

An MMJ card should be reserved for people who have an approved medical condition and who require medical marijuana in order to treat the said condition.


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