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Geyer blasts Kent over his defence of Stuart’s Salmon spray

Mark Geyer blasted Fox Sports analyst Paul Kent on Triple M on Tuesday morning after the veteran journalist mentioned a family matter involving the Penrith legend’s daughter while defending Ricky Stuart’s “weak-gutted dog” rant.

Geyer raged into his microphone “I am livid” about Kent’s column in The Daily Telegraph which claimed Stuart attacked Panthers five-eighth Jaeman Salmon and didn’t deserve to be banned because he was defending his family.

Kent referenced Geyer’s comments on radio on Monday when he said of Stuart “if that was his son, how would he feel if someone said that about his son?”

And then Kent responded with: And this is also the same Geyer who was involved in suing a social influencer for mistakenly identifying his daughter as the victim in a sex video. Given that, it might be fair to assume he knows how emotions roll when family is involved. Still …”

Geyer reacted with fury.

“Paul, I do. I do know how they’re involved because this wrecked my family for three of four years. You cannot compare one second you f…., to what’s going on with this Ricky Stuart saga,” he said.

“You cannot for one second know what we’ve gone through. Don’t compare the stories. Ricky Stuart’s had 12 years, 12 years to get this off his chest and he picks the night when Penrith kick his arse to come out with it and call someone a weak-gutted dog. 

“And then all of a sudden you bring my family into it. How dare you, how dare you. This has got nothing to do with my daughter. This has got nothing to do with her but you brought her into it.”

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