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Hand in the resignation, Fozz, for your country’s sake

It’s been 10 long years since Steve Hansen took over with his new coaching staff – which included current coach Ian Foster – and seemingly transitioned world rugby into a completely new phase.

He created a gameplan that hadn’t been seen before – forwards interchanging short balls between each other, forwards playing the second man ball off a ruck and forwards playing on the wing, with the skill and speed to handle themselves if left with an opportunity.

This style of play led to what I believe to be the most dominant All Black period in their rich history, from 2012-2015 where the went undefeated in 2013 and won a World Cup in 2015.

By the next World Cup in 2019, teams had just about caught up and England decimated the All Blacks at their own style of play. This led to Hansen’s resignation and he passed it on to the aforementioned Foster.

Since 2020, Foster has seemingly made no real improvements to the style of play and if last night was evident the All Blacks really haven’t evolved since 2015.

Ian Foster during a New Zealand All Blacks press conference

All Blacks coach Ian Foster. (Photo By Ramsey Cardy/Sportsfile via Getty Images)

What about other teams?

As Ireland showed, they are slowly improving, and are working more and more on the game plan the Blacks implemented 10 years ago.

Ireland played the second phase ball as well as anyone could last night and had the All Blacks lost for numbers almost the entire game.

They played immense and deserve all the accolades and achievements they conjured, but just how bad did the All Blacks look?

They looked sloppy. They looked like a team in quicksand. There has been no significant improvement and I believe many of their games won in the past few years have been due to individual brilliance.

I believe the talent in New Zealand is still superior to any country in the world, I truly do – I think on paper they should still be ahead of teams, as they are used to – but this style of play is just not working.

Picking a player completely out of form as your captain was just a key indicator that this All Black reign is destined to fall.

In the heartland of Christchurch, you have a guy who wins every year and makes sure you know of it too (by breakdancing). He has won at every level he has coached at, and he seemingly knows how to manage teams with supreme talent.

He is dancing and dancing until he gets a chance, but the NZRU decides to extend Foster after a few measly wins last season? It just doesn’t make sense.

Ian, please do yourself and the country a favour.

Dip your hat, ride off into the sunset as an assistant coach who may have changed the game, and leave it at that.

This country needs Scott Robertson at the helm. He is the man for the 2023 World Cup, not yourself.

Do the country the ultimate deed and hand over the reigns and let the All Black fanbase have something to cheer for again.

While we are mentioning it, Cane is probably the third best openside flanker in New Zealand today, and he still holds the captain’s badge? It’s a shame.

What has New Zealand come to?

All I know is we need to send a SOS down to our breakdancing larrikin from the Crusaders – please save this country from yet another embarrassing World Cup appearance!

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