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How Victor Radley let his emotions choose England over NSW Blues

Victor Radley has opened up on the process behind his decision to represent England at the upcoming 2021 Rugby League World Cup.

Speaking to James Graham on his The Bye Round podcast, Radley said that he let his heart rule his head after suffering an ankle injury earlier this year that left him sidelined.

“I always had it in the back of my mind but I didn’t bring it to the forefront up until I did my syndemosis,” Radley told Graham.

“I remember having small conversations about it, but when I did that I was out for six weeks so I thought it was a good time. I started brewing on it and I had this gut feeling that I wanted to play for England, I really wanted to play for England.

Radley qualifies through his Sheffield-born father Nigel, though he was born and raised in Sydney. He revealed that he had discussed putting his hand up for the World Cup hosts with the staff at the Roosters before calling England coach Shaun Wane to let him know he was available.

“I spoke to Robbo about it, and my Dad and Mum and some other people, like Kingy and Rylesy (Matt King and Jason Ryles, Roosters assistants) and got some good advice,” said Radley.

“I gave myself a few months to sit on it. I thought about it a fair bit and I couldn’t go past the feeling I had in my chest and my gut about playing for them. My head was saying Origin.

“There was so much going in my head but I just decided that I didn’t get here from my head, I can tell you that for free. I didn’t have plans to play in the NRL, I was happy being a carpenter and playing footy. So I thought screw it, I’m not listening to my head, I’m going with my chest and my gut.

“(Luke) Keary was big on that too: he said ‘mate, back your gut’. People might say your gut is wrong but I don’t really care. This is what I’ve decided to do and I’m so stoked with the decision now. I can’t wait.

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