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Humanitarian Resources to Support Ukrainians

We cannot avoid or ignore what is currently happening in our homeland, Ukraine. Since the invasion began, thousands of citizens have been displaced and separated from their loved ones, many lives have been lost, and important infrastructure and institutions from finance to education to healthcare have been targeted. 

As the Russian invasion continues to escalate, hundreds of civilians are joining the Ukrainian Army by their own will, while others are giving blood, helping evacuate people, and supplying food, water, and other essentials to those in need. With organization-wide support, our team members are prioritizing their safety, the wellbeing of their loved ones, and their support of Ukraine during this critical time of unprecedented aggression. 

Please rest assured that we are committed to your continuity of service and have worked with our Turnitin colleagues to implement a business continuity plan that allows us to respond to any questions related to your product, licensing, and support. 

Many of you have asked how you can help. Below are a few ways to support Ukraine right now:

  • Share information from credible sources, including:
  • Join us in supporting humanitarian relief and charitable organizations, including:
  • Provide aid to refugees at the Ukrainian border or refer them to Airbnb’s non-profit program through Airbnb.org, which has announced that they will provide free housing for up to 100,000 displaced refugees leaving Ukraine.

Let’s do everything we can to #StandwithUkraine.

Unicheck Team

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