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Next Ford Mustang Will Reportedly Debut in September

The grille of the 2022 Ford Mustang Stealth Edition shown in closeupFord will unveil an all-new Mustang in September in its natural habitat, the Detroit Auto Show, according to a new report.

It’s the seventh generation of the iconic muscle car. Rumors say Ford has done little to change the formula that drove the sixth to sales success. Trade publication Automotive News reports that the 2023 pony car “is expected to feature carryover V-8 and four-cylinder EcoBoost engines, according to two people familiar with the plans.”

Ford has committed to build the car in the same Flat Rock, Michigan, plant that builds Mustangs today. We expect to see both coupe and convertible editions, and the usual parade of special editions and Shelby-modified GT models.

Future of the Muscle Car in Doubt Again

The muscle car segment has waned in recent years. Americans still buy more Mustangs than Chevy Camaros or Dodge Challengers, but Mustang sales are down about 18% in 2022.

Persistent rumors say the Camaro may not see another generation, though we wouldn’t bet on that yet. The Big Three automakers tend to answer one another’s challenges in this segment, and a new Mustang could very well trigger interest in a new Camaro.

Dodge, for its part, may have the most interesting muscle car plans. The company plans to unveil its first “electric muscle car” next month. Early teasers show a classic Challenger-style nose and the rebirth of an old logo from the 1960s.

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