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Recall Alert: Ford Escape, Maverick, Lincoln Corsair

A 2022 Ford Maverick pickup sits parked in front of a house. The truck is bright orange. We see it from a front quarter angle, facing slightly to our right.Ford has issued a recall for about 100,000 small hybrid SUVs and pickups due to the risk of an engine fire.

The recall affects certain 2020-2022 Ford Escape Hybrid and Lincoln Corsair Hybrid SUVs, as well as hybrid versions of the all-new 2022 Ford Maverick compact pickup. Ford says it has received 23 reports of engine fires but no injuries.

All the recalled vehicles use the same 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine mated to a small electric motor. Ford says that if the engine should fail, enough oil and fuel vapor can accumulate near hot engine parts to trigger a fire under the hood.

Engine failures are rare, Ford says, affecting about 0.17 out of every 1,000 vehicles.

Ford dealers will fix the problem by modifying an under-engine shield to allow the vapor to escape. Recall repairs are always free.

Until the repair is completed, Ford says, “Owners are advised to park and shut off the engine as quickly as possible if they hear unexpected engine noises, notice a reduction in vehicle power, or see smoke.”

Many cars are recalled to fix safety defects, sometimes more than once. While automakers try to reach every owner to ask them to bring the vehicle in for repair, they rarely reach them all. Millions of vehicles on American roads need free recall repairs. To find out if your car is one of them, check the easy VIN tool at our recall center.

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