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The Knights must turn Marathon into a fortress again

I remember the days when teams would travel to Newcastle and know they were in for a war. The Knights would defend their home and turn their home into a fortress. We showed effort and we were ruthless. We would hardly ever lose.

What the hell has happened? On Sunday our team played at home in front of 19,813 people but the Newcastle chant was a rarity. The Bulldogs fans stole the crowd, and they were on fire. The result of the match has indicated just how horrible this season has been.

Knights fans want to see their team not just play but win. We turn up for our team because we are passionate no matter how the season goes.

I have written before our team needs to be moulded with a winning attitude, which I’ve admitted takes years. Turning Marathon into a fortress is a big step towards there. Blooding our juniors and working on the pathways is another step there.

Adam O’Brien’s claim about being in four grand finals to me sounded like a man who’s desperate to keep his job. I have no idea if he’ll get canned – my crystal ball isn’t working and it’s in my imagination. I know some fans who want him gone and some who don’t. If we do see AOB sacked, we need an experienced coach.

Four names come to mind: Michael Maguire, Shane Flanagan, Mick Potter and Shaun Wane.

If our coach has given himself until Rounds 6 to 8 next season, that says he should call it quits at the end of this year and let the Knights begin the off-season with another coach. I have defended AOB, but after that match and press conference, I don’t know anymore.

This season was tough, and to make things even worse, we have got such a great top-eight team on paper and we’re in the bloody run for the wooden spoon.

The Knights need an experienced halfback, and we’ve got a gun up-and-coming No. 6 in Simi Sasagi.

Fans deserve better than what they got this season. Fans want to see their team win. Sadly, there’s a bit of a culture problem within the club, which is old news now. This problem needs to be fixed and we need to prove that we’re not just a second bye.

Knights fans travel to see their team – those who live locally, those who do long drives, those who catch trains and those who travel to plenty of away games. Marathon being a fortress is now ancient history, and after last Sundaym being out-chanted at home, it was pretty embarrassing. If anything, we know how it feels when we do it to other teams.

I know a lot of Knights fans reading this are looking for answers, and so am I. I have no idea how long it will take for us to become heavyweights, and I certainly have no idea if AOB will remain as coach.

What I do know is the club acquiring Peter Parr is huge for us. He has a high footy IQ, he is a Newcastle native and he has long-term goals. With that being said, don’t expect anything to change overnight.

A big mission for the Knights is to turn our home into a fortress again.

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