The Operational Considerations: How to Run Your Catering Business


The thought of putting up a catering business is one that might have come across your mind if you’re always the first resort of your family and friends in need of a cook or a baker for their momentous celebrations. Serving food for large groups shows that you have the passion, skill, and knowledge required. That is a good start-up point for anyone who wants to venture into this industry.

Now, all you need is a marketing strategy that will attract the right kind of clients. But first, let’s go through this guide so you have a good grasp about this business on the operational side.

Where to Source Equipment and Tableware

Aside from the food, another major factor that distinguishes one caterer from another is the good of their tableware and equipment. The tableware, for instance, features biodegradable and disposable plastic cups, plates, and bowls. Customers today are more interested with companies showing care for the environment. They will keep recommending you not only because of the delicious food served but also with the quality and environmental relevance of your tableware.

In purchasing great tableware, you need to deal with the leading, certified and trusted manufacturers of catering products and food packaging. Significantly, most big caterers make bulk order for supplies from Chinese manufacturers and exporters so they can cut costs. These suppliers will advise you on the best tableware like plastic cups, plates and trays, that will suit your business without leaving a hole in your pocket. They will also keep you updated on the latest trends in the market so that you don’t lag behind in providing the best for clients.

But ultimately, you have lots of choices when it comes to the type of tableware to source. Some caterers use biodegradable and disposable cups and plates since they’re easy to dispose but others also use ceramic and and glass types for an elite sophisticated feel. It really depends on the event or occasion celebrated and the guests who are coming.

How to Find the Right Staff

Depending on how big you operate as a caterer, whether based on contracts or self-operated, you will need to hire event planners, supervisors, chefs, servers, bartenders, busboys and dishwashers. It might be necessary to add more employees to help prep the venue and welcome guests.

How to Market Your Business

In order to reach out potential customers in your locality or all over the world, and at the same time maintain your current loyal clients, be a little more active on social media. Targeting the young professionals requires strong social media presence especially on Facebook and Instagram. For the older clientele, physical store visits and free tastes are good strategies where word of mouth becomes the ultimate key.

So what do you do with new learning? Apply. Be a part of the booming catering industry now. Establish your own brand.

Zaiden Denver

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