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Tips for Creating a Great Customer Loyalty Program

The main source of revenue for most businesses is a steady stream of customers. Every company starts out looking for new customers.

When businesses have achieved that goal, they are looking to retain them. However, what techniques can your firm utilise to prevent customers from migrating and keep them coming back?

Different organizations across industries use various strategies. For the sports gambling industry, free bets are used to ensure clients keep returning to the same platform. Nevertheless, if you own a conventional business, you’d best put yourself in the customers’ shoes. For instance, when you think of purchasing electronic gadgets, which brand do you trust enough to go for?

If a particular brand popped into your head, then you’re loyal to that brand. Customer loyalty is beneficial to both the organization and the customer. The business wants the customers to keep returning. On the other hand, the customers want something to incite that feeling of being valued.

Understanding Loyalty Schemes

Loyalty schemes are designed to give back to customers who consistently make purchases from a particular store or service. The rewards could be in the form of merchandise, coupons, or points. The key aim of a loyalty scheme is to prevent customers from heading over to a company’s competition.

Research has shown that 4 out of 10 Americans will switch to another brand if they have two bad user experiences. The same research also detailed that the average expense of attracting a new customer is five times that for retaining an existing customer.

Hence, customer loyalty schemes benefit businesses in two significant ways. First, the cost of maintaining that steady stream of customers is reduced. Second, the business benefits from increased business due to referrals from existing consumers.

A Guide to Creating your Customer Loyalty Scheme

Create a Customer Support System Across Multiple Channels

If you want to retain your customers, you must instantly attend to their needs. Creating a customer service system available across several channels is one way to get started. This remains one of the best ways to establish a connection between your business and the customers.

When customers need help and know they can contact you instead of posting a question on some online forum, they’ll be bound to you. Hence, you’d be able to influence the user experience positively.

You can begin by creating live chat support on your website, integrating support channels on social media networks your audience utilises the most, and setting up call channels. You can consider using chatbots if you’re unwilling to operate a 24/7 customer service channel because of costs.

●     Understand What Your Customers Need

It doesn’t make sense offering benefits to customers that don’t need them. Your loyalty scheme has to be unique if your business creates unique products. You need to get acquainted with your customer’s needs instead of delving into some unknown loyalty program.

The best form of loyalty scheme is to make customers feel special by giving them what they don’t think others have. You can do this by placing yourself in the shoes of the customers. For instance, if you run a clothing store, you should be able to determine what benefits would make your customers happy the most.

You can offer discounted meals or invite-only dining events if you run a restaurant. You can create a program that provides price clashes for customers with accounts if you run a clothing store.

●     Focus on Your Customers

Many businesses make the mistake of focusing on the competition rather than customers. If you recreate what your competition does, it might have the same effect on your business. Suppose you have to check out your business rivals. In that case, you need to understand what they do and focus on performing better concerning your customers.

The key to retaining customers is to make several good decisions. Customer retention isn’t like other aspects of business that need one major revolution to shoot the organisation to the top. Hence, you have to focus on making several consistent decisions when dealing with customers.

●     Display the Positive Experiences

Suppose your business is doing a great job satisfying customers when they have issues. In that case, you need to display those experiences. Collect customer reviews to boost your reputation in the eyes of new customers.

It would help if you used several channels to show off the unique experiences. You can start by participating in third-party review sites like Yelp.


Firms are always looking to keep existing customers rather than getting new ones since the associated cost is lower. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a customer loyalty scheme. This can be facilitated by creating multiple customer service channels, displaying positive experiences on review websites, understanding what customers need, and focusing on customers rather than the competition.

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