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Wallabies DIY player ratings vs Argentina, Game 2

48-17. Yep, you read that right – 48-17.

There’s nothing that sums up the Wallabies’ dire performance against a turbo-charged Argentina better than the final scoreline. And on that note, what better way to vent your frustrations at the effort than by going through every player and giving them a mark out of 10?

You don’t have to rate all 23 – if you didn’t catch enough of someone’s performance or don’t think they were on the field long enough for you to make a judgment, just leave them blank and it won’t affect their score.

If you need a rough guide as to what each score means, here’s what we go off.

1. Had he not played, the team would have been better off. Negatively affected the performance of the side. May God John Eales have mercy on his soul.
2. Anonymous. Was he even there?
3. Did some things that you expect a player to be able to do, but did a whole bunch of other things that sucked.
4. Was passable in patches, but not up to standard in a match of such importance.
5. Performed his role without anything really noticeable happening.
6. Good.
7. Pretty good, actually.
8. Very good.
9. Excellent.
10. Extraordinary. Calling them man of the match would be an insult.

Somehow, we think John Eales will have to dish out a lot of mercy after that one!

If you’re ready to get ranking, just head to the form below and make your choices!

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