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What Happens When Your Roofing in Grand Rapids Michigan is Damaged by Storms?

It is vital to have a clear understanding of the procedures that should be performed when your home’s roofing in Grand Rapids Michigan is damaged. It is critical to understand which actions should be done by a qualified roofing professional and which may be addressed by the homeowner. As is usually the case, the best course of action if you feel you have experienced damage is to call a local roofer to get an estimate on repairs or what your next steps should be.

What Happens When Your Roofing in Grand Rapids Michigan is Damaged by Storms?

Another company you will need to call is the insurance provider for your home owners insurance. Depending on the insurance company they may not send someone out to your home immediately especially if there is widespread damage in the area. So you’ll need to take pictures of everything and try to document the damage as best you can in order to protect your home while still ensuring you have proof of the damage for the insurance company. Chances are you won’t need it but it doesn’t hurt to make sure.

Roof Storm Damage Grand Rapids MI

At first sight, this may seem to be a property that has been abandoned to decline naturally. However, the damage to this roof is not coincidental; it is an excellent illustration of how issues may grow over time. Severe weather events, more wind and rain, and additional time all raise the likelihood of greater concerns surfacing. However, by addressing significant degradations as they occur, you may be able to avoid a disaster.

Assure that your home’s roof is adequately secured to withstand strong storms. In only one day, the cumulative impact of heavy snow, strong winds, searing heat, and other weather variables may inflict significant damage to a shingled roof. Trim any damaged tree branches that are pressing on the roof to prevent water from entering your property. After a storm, sweep up any debris, including pine needles; this decreases the risk of an electrical fire caused by fallen power lines.

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The several types of storm damage that might occur to your roof:

* Wind Damage – Windstorms may cause problems with the construction of your house. Roof damage is often caused by damaging your roofing shingles, panels, shakes, tile, or metal due to high winds. Additional possibilities that might result in roof damage include tree limbs or branches falling on the home or flying debris striking the roof. While wind damage is most often seen on the roof, particularly around vents and chimneys, it may also occur on gutters, garage doors, windows, entrances, and siding.
* Hail Damage – Hail damage is not a minor problem. It may result in issues surrounding the home that is worsened by further exposure to wind, rain, and sunshine. If your shingles are in any way affected, it’s usually time to replace them. However, it’s important to remember that regular maintenance may significantly lessen the probability of future hail damage.
* Rain Damage – Rain with water pouring into your attic is the most typical and apparent sort of storm damage to your roof. Rain damage may be caused by settling due to age or broken flashing, poor maintenance with missing or cracked sealant, or failing to flash—there are several ways for your roof to sustain damage during a large storm. One thing is certain: with today’s more frequent severe storms, rain damage is one of the simplest ways for you to lose both time and money with your family.

Regular maintenance and an expert eye are required for proper roof care. Apart from basic cleaning, there are a few warning indicators worth noting. While a costly repair is unlikely, it is critical to understand your home’s present condition of safety. If your roofing system requires repair, begin by calling your contractor and requesting a roof inspection.

If your home’s roof has been damaged by a storm it’s best to get it inspected and if needed, repaired quickly. Any delays in repairs could mean more water leaking into your home which can damage it. Not only that but over time the additional water may cause mold to grow in your home which can be unhealthy. Contact Grand Rapids Home Pros today if you think your roof has been damaged by recent storms.

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