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Who makes a tryless, goalless Aussie team?

In my last article I picked at team solely on the basis of the points that they have scored for Australia in both Test and world cup matches (excluding super league Tests) – and quite a team it was too.

Unfortunately, not every Test player gets his name in the scorebook, and of the over 830 players who have represented Australia in tests and world cup matches since 1908, over 250 didn’t score a single point.

Here’s a team picked from the pointless, where the criteria are that the player is only eligible for the position that they predominantly played for Australia, and the eligible player who has played the most games for Australia makes the team.

1. Laurie Ward – 10 games

Hardly a household name these days, Laurie Ward played only 20 odd first grade games in Sydney in the 1930’s, but represented both Australia and NSW many times from the Country.

2. David Waite – 6 Games

Probably better remembered as a coach, Waite was another player who made his name as a country footballer before heading to Cronulla in 1974.

3. Tom Gorman – 11 games

Gorman was a QLD legend and Australian captain, who was one of the best centres in the game in the 1920’s.

4. John Brass – 6 games

Brass was a dual international and was a masterful inside centre who made those outside him look like world beaters.

5. John Ferguson – 3 games

Ferguson was both quick and elusive, as attested by his 130 first grade tries, and was good enough to be named in the Indigenous Team of the Century in 2001.

6. Frank Stanmore – 10 games

Stanmore hailed from the Newcastle area and formed a very effective halves combination with his Western Suburbs team mate Keith Holman in the late 40s and early 50s.

7. Arthur Halloway – 15 games

Very small but very tough, Halloway was one of the best in the business in the early years of rugby league in Australia, and won multiple premierships.

8. Robbie Kearns – 20 games

Kearns was one of the best front rowers in the game in the 1990’s and one of the first forwards picked for the Australian team.

9. Kevin Schubert – 21 games

Schubert holds the record for most games for Australia without scoring, but as a hooker back in the days when they actually worked for a living, that probably wasn’t his job.

10. Bob O’Reilly – 17 games

The big bopper didn’t score any, but his ball skills often created opportunities for those around him.

11. Elton Rasmussen – 20 games

Rasmussen was one of the best in the game during the 1960’s and won fivepremierships with St George.

12. Paul Vautin – 13 games

Now a fading celebrity and commentator, it’s easy to forget what a great player Vautin was during his long career.

13. Anthony Watmough – 16 games

Quite a surprise to see Watmough on this list as he scored a lot of tries during his over 300 game club career and was a destructive ball runner.

So there they are, not a bad side at all, boasting a good halves pairing, a lethal pack of forwards and some exciting outside backs.

They might need some help coming up with try celebrations, and the coach will need to hold auditions for the goal kicker.

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